15 Leander’s Advocacy Gains Momentum


After the meeting with Erna, things start to pick up momentum. A new meeting is scheduled, this time with County Mayor Arne Thomassen. Now, it’s time to address the Education Act! We will come back to this.
The phone is constantly buzzing with people eager to speak with Leander and support his cause. Fiona from TV 2 diligently documents the situation. She closely follows us and is passionately engaged in his cause.
Now, everyone wants to talk to Leander.
We visit the various party booths to investigate what different political parties know about gifted children in schools, whether they are aware of the specifics in the Education Act, and what they plan to do to improve the rights of gifted children in schools.
The findings are not surprising. They know very little about this:
You can watch the interviews where Leander visits the party booths; this will be documented:

Arendalsuka has come to a close for now, the booths are being dismantled, and Leander’s cause has had a truly remarkable beginning.
This is where it all begins. I mentioned we would return to the meeting with the County Mayor; it’s scheduled for Monday.

We gather with the rest of the ChildPress team to celebrate. There’s good food, laughter, and a lot of joy…

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