About ChildPress.org

What we do

ChildPress Reporters publish on ‘Who Does What for Children?’

Together we interview, report , create, publish and share our own publications and distribute them as wide as possible.
As a News Agency we deliver news content by children worldwide every day!

In our publications we follow decision makers who prioritize our topics on safety, climate and access to education.
We have a call to action to all our readers to prioritize our topics.
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How we do it

ChildPress delivers ready to publish content through our high innovative media formats.

Junior Reporters choose their individual most urgent topics and interview the people around them who can make a change.
On our website junior reporters can create their own private press room to get in touch with a supportive senior.
As members of our Press association we follow our Code of Conduct and our Safety and Privacy regulations before we upload our content to a wider public.
Herefore the help of a senior Reporter is needed within a local Press Centre.

In our learning community for Child Press supporters we inform directors of school and other centers in the neighborhood of the young reporters what they can do to guarantee a safe working place for every young reporter.
Look at the website for our open webinars. Locally Child Press Seniors can organise workshops and training where needed. W can e explain how a good journalist works, how to use and produce media, and how to help the participants develop their technical skills for things like camerawork and editing.

Our online tool my.childpress.org is an online environment where children can take the content they developed and produce a media publication (which we call a “cover”). And our World News Agency shares these news and stories with the world!

Why we do it

Amplifying children’s voices

We believe in the power of the next generation. We want to make sure that every child gets to use their voice. Not just a select group, but each and every child in society! When children express their talents, words and inspiration, we get a grasp of those topics most important to the future generation.

Who we are

Junior Reporters must be supported by Senior Reporters locally.

Junior Reporters need a safe working place in their school or local library or community center. Directors of these institutes have till now shown their responsibility to guarantee this for our Junior and Senior Child Press reporters.

Reporters are member of the Children’s International Press Association.
ChildPress is an initiative by Fysio Educatief publishing house.