About ChildPress.org

What we do

ChildPress helps young people and children create and publish media about topics they are curious and passionate about for their school, neighbourhood, and the public.

ChildPress asks children to discover the people around them by exploring their surroundings from nearby neighborhoods to a wider political landscape. We help children create, publish and share their own publications and distribute all this incredibly rich content every day!

How we do it

ChildPress develops tools and methodologies to help young people become the next generation of journalists.

We invite young people to start their own press center with the help of their school, neighborhood center, or group of friends. there are no restrictions and everything is possible! We also love it teachers reach out to us to start a press center with their class. Through workshops and training, we explain how a good journalist works, how to use and produce media, and help the participants develop the technical skills for things like camerawork and editing. Our online tool my.childpress.org is an online environment where children can take the content they developed and produce a media publication (which we call a “cover”). And our World News Agency shares these news and stories with the world!

Why we do it

We want to give every child and young person a voice!

We believe in the power of the next generation. We want to make sure that every child gets to use their voice. Not just a select group, but each and every child in society! When children express their talents, words and inspiration, we get a grasp of those topics most important to the future generation.

Who we are

ChildPress is an initiative by Fysio Educatief publishing house.
We work with a small team of grown-ups from our Amsterdam Headquarters in the Netherlands, together with a large group of talented young people and adults who help coordinate the ChildPress centers worldwide.
Do you want to connect or open your own ChildPress center? Let us know and get in touch!