Children's International Press Association

These are the board members of the Children’s International Press Association (CIPA): Suus Wieberdink, Lena Ringers, Lena Drukker, Mehrzad Jouseffi, Wobbe van der Woude, Veere Snijders

Everybody can be a ChildPress Reporter! With a few easy tools, you create interviews, videos and magazines and move the world with your story and your opinion! Be inspired by the work of other reporters and all they have achieved. Together with other reporters you are working on Special Editions and the World Atlas!

Chief Editor
The role of a Chief Editor is to coordinate the content of their own map and publication. That is why we often ask where the interests of the reporters lie. As Chief Editor you are really engaged with your own “case”, while being inclusive for the other young people working on the same topic. ChildPress reporters and Chief Editors are now really working on the different maps and topics. Bringing their content together in our World Atlas.

Children’s International Press Association
All reporters are members of the Children’s International Press Association. For the various Chief Editors, of both local and international publications, positions will be available in the board of the association, which, among other things, is committed to protecting the copyright of the reporters.

What we do

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As a News Agency we deliver news content by children worldwide every day!

In our publications we follow decision makers who prioritize our topics on safety, climate and access to education.
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