Start your own press center!

For children and youngsters

You can join us and start your own press center!

Invite your friends or classmates, find an adult coordinator to support you, and start today. You will learn the skills of a good journalist, technical skills like video recording and editing, sound design, vlogging, and much more. Our tool is your online private press center where you can publish your reports, opinions, vlogs and much more in a so-called ‘cover’. You will need a senior ChildPress reporter to upload and publish your content to the public to check out the needed safety details.

For adults

Do you know young talents who should become involved?

We invite young people to start their own press center with the help of their school, neighborhood center, or group of friends. When a young person takes the initiative for a class a school or a community journal we offer online seminars to support the adults who have gotten involved because they have been found by the young reporter as a supporter for their work. Our online tool is an online environment where children can upload the first people they have found who will support them as trustworthy person and or as a reader of their publication. The seminar explains how we create a learning community for the local supporters of the child. (See our intro film.)