Start your own press center!

For children and youngsters

You can join us and start your own press center!

Invite your friends or classmates, find an adult coordinator to support you, and start today. You will learn the skills of a good journalist, technical skills like video recording and editing, sound design, vlogging, and much more. Our tool is your online press center where you can publish your reports, opinions, vlogs and much more in a so-called ‘cover’. This cover is like an online magazine that you can share with the world.

For adults

Do you know young talents who should become involved?

We invite young people to start their own press center with the help of their school, neighborhood center, or group of friends. We love when teachers reach out to us to start a press center with their class. Through workshops and training, we explain how a good journalist works, how to use and produce media, and help the participants develop the technical skills for things like camerawork and editing. Our online tool is an online environment where children can take the content they developed and produce a media publication (which we call a “cover”). And our World News Agency shares these news and stories with the world!