14 Leander’s Exclusive Meeting with Former Prime Minister Erna Solberg


Leander has secured a private meeting with none other than Erna Solberg, with an hour allotted for their conversation.
Leander stands there, brimming with anticipation, as he watches hundreds of children and young people cheer and shout when Erna exits the Super News debate. It takes a bit of time because there are long lines of people eager to take a selfie with the popular politician.
Leander’s eyes light up with joy and pride as Erna approaches him, takes him by the hand, and leaves the area with a camera in tow. It’s a proud moment for all of us.

Leander engages in a lengthy and substantive conversation with Erna, during which he truly opens up about his experiences. You can witness the outcome of this discussion in the interview here:

Haagen Poppe, who himself was a gifted child (a local politician for Høyre), also participates in the meeting alongside mayoral candidate Linda Øygaarden.

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