3. Former Minister’s Encounter with Leander Highlights Urgent Issues in Education


We commence our search for potential allies and receive a tip that former Minister of Education, Jan Tore Sanner, will be at Sam Eydes Square in a few minutes. We decide to head there.
Upon arriving, we manage to catch him for a brief moment, though he’s clearly in a hurry.
Leander becomes somewhat upset by his responses, feeling that he wasn’t speaking with him but merely at him, sensing a lack of willingness to truly listen. “Take it up with your teacher,” Sanner told Leander. This remark provokes Leander, and we delve deeper into his thoughts and emotions.
Here, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of how deeply this issue affects him. We sit down for a conversation. “Talk to us kids. If it were that easy to address with the teacher, I wouldn’t have to be here, shedding light on what I’m doing so openly. No, this man was completely out of touch,” Leander expressed.

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