9. Henrik Aasheim and Mathilde Tybring Gjedde


The Meeting with Svein Harberg opened doors for Leander to be heard. We decide that Henrik Aasheim is the right path to pursue now.

We call Henrik, and he answers promptly but informs us that he doesn’t have the time. After a brief conversation, we call him back, explaining the situation thoroughly, emphasizing the importance of speaking with him. Okay, he rearranges an appointment to accommodate us and invites us to meet him and Mathilde Tybring Gjedde at Clarion Hotel Tyholmen at 4:00 PM.

Leander becomes genuinely excited and happy to speak with Henrik Aasheim. You can watch the interview here.

Henrik and Mathilde genuinely take Leander’s thoughts and his personal story seriously. They acknowledge that things shouldn’t be this way, and they express gratitude to Leander for raising this issue. They pledge to work towards bringing about a change. They emphasize the importance of ensuring that students like Leander are well taken care of. During their time in government, they dedicated significant efforts to improving the school experience for students like him. They promise to follow up on Leander’s case, and he feels heard by them, displaying great enthusiasm during the interview

You can watch Leander’s response to the meeting in this video.

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