11. Leander’s Busy Morning: A Chat with the Minister of Education Before His First Day of Middle School


Leander is starting middle school today, at the tender age of 10! Therefore, he has to meet Minister of Education Brenna over FaceTime on his way to school. He’s a busy and hardworking young man! Time is short with Brenna, and they don’t get into the main topic as Leander wants to discuss funding for school books with her. After all, it’s Arendal Week, so what better way to start the day than with an interview before the school day begins!

Later in the Day…

Leander’s first day of school turns out to be a great one. There are no more interviews scheduled for the day, but we thoroughly enjoy the Party Leader Debate in the evening – the highlight of Arendal Week.

Behind the scenes, there is a lot of hard work being done for Leander’s cause, and inquiries are pouring in.

Everyone wants to get involved and help Leander! “Wow! This seems promising,” says Leander. “This is turning into something really significant!” he exclaims.

A happy boy goes to bed content, eagerly anticipating the big day ahead tomorrow.

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