6. Leander’s Quest to Be Heard by the Adults


The day is still young, and our journey continues:
We have a scheduled meeting with TV 2 and Elevkanalen, where we meet Fiona Sand right after our interview with UNICEF.
Leander is deep in thought today and is starting to feel a bit frustrated that the people we meet aren’t truly listening to him. The responses we receive from those on the street and in our conversations are empty and unsatisfying.
We decide to grab a bite to eat and sit down for a delicious Chinese buffet with Frida, Amalie, and Fiona.
Around the table, we engage in a lively discussion, during which Fiona shares insights about Elevkanalen.
Leander’s frustration is growing, and it’s evident that this issue deeply affects him; he wants to be taken seriously. Before our next interview with Health Minister Kjerkol, we must sit down and have a chat.
This conversation is crucial; while we are scheduled to meet Health Minister Kjerkol, the discussion we need to have now takes precedence.
Leander offers me a glimpse into his world, a world where he feels older in his thoughts and ideas than he appears on the surface. He is angry because he feels that adults talk over him. “Talk to us, children; not about us!” he passionately asserts.
We decide to take a more systematic approach.
We settle in at Kanalplassen and begin making calls. We try to reach the Minister of Education, but she is unavailable. We are informed that there is someone who knows a great deal about this issue. Henrik Aasheim is the right person to discuss this with, according to Brenna’s advisor, in an SMS to us.

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