At what age do children get a smartphone? Are children well aware of the dangers and the possibilities of technologies? Is there good education for children about technology?

Who is the children's ombudsman? How many children know about their rights? How accessible is this 'institute'? How well are the children's rights of the UN implemented?

How many children are not safe at home? Who is there for them? Is there a long waiting list to be helped?

How many children live under the poverty line? What is your/the definition of ‘poverty’? Who does what to prevent poverty?


Is there enough openness/education for children to speak about it? Are there enough role models in the public space for them? What are rights for LGBTQI+ children?

How many children are being bullied? Is there an anti-bullying program running in schools? How many schools have a confidential advisors? Do children know their way to this person/accessibility?

How many children are being discriminated? Which institutes/organisations do something against discrimination? What is discrimination?

Which playgrounds are accessible for those with physical disabilities? Which schools include all kids?


Are children protected from child labour? Is there a minimum wage for adults? How many children are involved in child labour?

How many children live in a place where there is active war/violence? How does it effect children’s wellbeing? (Do they still have homes/go to school etc?

How many children are part of street gangs? How many children use drugs? How are they protected?

How many child refugees are there in the world? What does your government do to help refugees?