How many different species are there? Which country/region protects its biodiversity well? Which country has the highest biodiversity?

What is the price of healthy food in your country? Does the school canteen provide healthy food? Why is healthy food important?

How far is it to visit a park from school? How many parks are there in your city?


How much do countries emit? How much do they save/can be saved? How much is consumed? Who does what against emissions?

Which effects of climate change are visible? Is there extreme weather? Crops that fail? Bugs? Diseases? Floods?

Where are train routes? How much emissions are saved when using the train? How many people use public transport? How long does it take? Is it affordable for everyone? Which routes are in need of more/faster/night train(connections)? How many cars are there per person?


How much plastic is used by families? Is plastic recycled? Are there plastic bans in place?

How much food is wasted in households? And how much in businesses? Who does what against food waste?

Are there laws on fair trade applicable? Are there second hand shops in the neighborhood? Is textile being recycled?