Benjamin Tetteh, journalist


Benjamin Tetteh talks with our reporter Lars about press freedom in Ghana, the index drop they had last year, the economic challenges that might have to do with this drop. They discuss the difficulties journalists face and how this makes the job quite unattractive for students and young people.




And here is the short video of our last year’s meeting with Mr Jelassi at the World Press Freedom Day 2023 conference in New York:




Ma’aly Hazzaz from Unesco talks about the safety of journalists and how this is also translated to the safety of artists.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Maria Ressa


Our reporter Lars talks with Maria Ressa, a journalist from the Philippines who won the Nobel Peace Price in 2021. They talk about the safety of journalists and if you should be afraid to do your job.

Press conference Camilla Vallejo and Alberto von Klaveren


Lars and Mehrzad have the honor of asking the Minister of Secretary General of the Government some very important questions at the press conference on World Press Freedom Day in Chile in 2024

Enrique Rivera on children writing laws at the MIM museum


Enrique Rivera is the director of MIM, Mirador Interactive Museum. He talks about Tina Jacobsen, a Danish artist who invites children to create their own laws.

WPFD2024 – DAY 2


Lars and Mehrzad reflect on the first day at the World Press Freedom Day in Chile 2024. They share their thoughts on why press freedom is so important, especially now, with all currents events going on in the world.

Claudia Carvajal Gajardo


Claudia Carvajal Gajardo talks with our ChildPress reporters about the importance of real information and of using multiple sources of information.

ChildPress challenges UNESCO


ChildPress reporters Mehrzad and Lars challenge UNESCO: make sure that 100% of children in the world see climate change as an emergency

Read Last Year’s Special Edition on World Press Freedom Day 23


Last year, ChildPress reporters Mehrzad and Darryl went to World Press Freedom Day in New York. They reported on this UNESCO event from the United Nations headquarters.

They interviewed many different people, from the top people of UNESCO, UNEP and other UN organizations, to a taxi driver originally from Ghana and a woman they met on the subway who wants to do something about food waste.

UNESCO assistant director-general Tawfik Jelassi admitted that young people are not sufficiently involved in World Press Freedom Day and that they want to do better for the 2024 event.

This year Mehrzad and Lars are in Santiago, Chile for World Press Freedom Day 2024 to report and see for example Mr. Jelassi who has involved young people more.

Read the Special Edition that Darryl and Mehrzad made in 2023 here!