Why 11%?


What Cut11% represents:

Per capita: We all have an equal right to the atmosphere above our head.

Starting Now: We reject future based targets. Emissions reductions must start today. A target in the future will push most reductions towards the end. This is not OK for young people.

Consumption: We accept that those who consume have the responsibility for the emissions of that product.

No negative emissions: We reject any calculations that assume a level of technology that does not exist yet (and is not close to existing.)

No overshoot: We reject any calculations that allow us to overshoot 2°C with the hope that we can safely pull the emissions back down. Our ecosystems must not be pushed anywhere close to tipping points.

Asking politicians to “Cut emissions” is not enough. It is not specific enough. Everyone has a right to know their nations responsibility in the climate crisis. Every nation has a number. The Very High Developed have the most responsibility and resources to act. They must lead the way.

This is what “Cut 11%” stands for.   

There is no fairer or clearer way to do the numbers.

Get your number. Demand the law. 

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